Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Finally Did It!

     Yes! The biggest technical hurdle, that sent shivers of fear through me, has been overcome. I have started a blog! I consider myself technically savvy, though far from a guru. But, I have to admit, my mother beat me to the blogosphere or I probably wouldn't be here.

     Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dale Morris and I live in Northeast Arkansas, USA. I am a mother of one supreme son, Mother-in-law to one of the greatest daughter-in-laws ever, Aunt to one awesome nephew.  They are all grown now, so I'm off on the adventures of finding and defining myself, like so many others.

     The purpose of this blog is to share with you a new company.  My Mom and I started Exclusively Yours Ltd. while both on the path to self realization.  Mom or Nana will post her perspectives and I will post mine.  So, my perspective is... my whole family is very talented...except me. The story is often retold that I failed cutting with scissors in kindergarten. It's true. I am straight lined challenged. I have an education heavily laced in the arts, I appreciate all forms of art, I simply cannot create it. Until one day in January.

     I was selling vintage jewelry on Etsy.  I loved it, it was fun, and I truly enjoyed learning about vintage and antique jewelry, having been a student of antique furniture, fabrics and architecture. However, in the process, I kept receiving emails from Bead Companies.  Oh My!  So many beads so little time. I feel about beads like other women feel about shoes, handbags, spa treatments and margaritas. I want them, lots of them. But what in the world do you do with a million beads? Why you start making jewelry! And I found that I love it!  Truly a form of relaxation better than Yoga, it's not nearly as stressful on these old muscles and bones.

     And so... Exclusively Yours Ltd was created. Finally an artist feat that I can accomplish. And now a Blog to boot, look out world here I come!

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  1. Hi Dale! Congrats on your new blog and very much good luck in your new endeavor! I loved the summer nights necklace (I hope it is still there when my next paycheck comes lol! Anyway, just wanted to stop and say Hi and also mention that your "Share Facebook" link is not linking properly. I believe you have it as '' and It should be:
    We want to make sure you have all the success you possibly can!