Friday, June 24, 2011

2011 Mad Tea Party!

Welcome to the 2011 Mad Tea Party

As you well know, Alice has stumbled upon a beautiful tea party setting,
With the Mad Hatter and the March Hare

But she soon learns everything is not quite as it seems. From curious drinks, delightful treats and 
unexpected guests, mad things begin to happen!

Today’s Beautiful tasty treats were provided by Kim Manhein of CakeKim.Com


But Alas, it just wouldn’t do to have a Mad Tea Party with no surprises.
And, suddenly the strangeness begins.
Alice hears a voice saying I’m Late, I’m Late

And at once the beautiful tea table is absent of treats and every cup and every inch is covered in jewels and gems of every imaginable color:

As Alice looks closer she sees so many things, colors and textures galore.




And Curioser

And the Mad Jeweler Appears with a Proclamation or two.

Visit our website, Click Here, pick your favorite piece, and comment it’s name here.  
You could be our lucky door prize winner.

And while you are there you can use our Special Mad Tea Party discount code for 45% off!
Just enter code TeaParty at check out.
But Beware: these are one of a kind pieces, so there is only one of each piece available!

And then just as suddenly as she appeared, The Mad Jeweler and her wares disappeared.

Right before Alice’s eyes, two new guests arrived, of a quite furry type.
We are Katie and Sophie and we would like to share in the treats.

Katie and Sophie bring Alice news of a phenomenon occurring this very day. They tell her there are a multitude of tea parties all over the blogosphere today, each one unique and different.
They invite Alice to join them and traverse from Party to Party,

So they are off now, To come see You!


  1. A mighty fine spot of tea my dear if I do say! I will have to keep the name "Paisley" in mind - very pretty necklace - yes yes, pretties.

  2. What an incredible cake! I quite like "Tara".

    Happy tea party-ing!

  3. What a nice party the furry creatures since to be having a nice time! Love the crystals! "Tara" looks oh so precious =) Hop on by for some tea!

  4. Wow so many sparkly things. I love the ladybug necklace.

  5. What a wonderful party and those two adorable pups at the end? Well that was just cuteness overload! thanks for inviting me over.

  6. Oh so many lovely baubles. If I have to pick one I would say, "Southern Charm."

    I too have a party and gifts for all who visit. I do hope you can make it by!

    Follow this link:

    Sweet day to you!

  7. Now that is a mad tea party! Love all the glass and pearls too. The two tea drinkers at the end are having such a fab time of it!

  8. What a treat filled table, and two very well behaved guests.

    How to pick just one bauble? I see Tiger Eye and Tortoise and Wild Thing and Summer Days and... each one as beautiful as the next!

  9. thank you for a lovely tea party! i loved the beautiful cake!

  10. Wow, look at all the lovely things on that table. I can't stop looking at it. Thank you for the invitation. xx

  11. What a gorgeous 2-tier cake!! I love the frills on there, absolutely stunning :)

    I hope Katie and Sophie had a fun time at the party :)

    I'm also taking part in the Mad Tea Party blog hop and hope that you and Katie and Sophie will visit my party to have some fun there too :)

  12. What a fun gathering! The cake is just gorgeous and I love that your pups helped you to celebrate! Thanks for having me!

  13. Gorgeous Jewelry and Beautiful and yummy treats. I would love to be entered to win you "Deep Blue" necklace.
    Thank you for having me over.
    I do hope you will also visit me
    Sylvia : )

  14. Katie and Sophie are very sweet!

  15. A very magical tea party! I love all sparklely goodness on your table and the treats looks amazing! Thank you for inviting me to tea. I hope you'll visit me as well.

  16. Sorry, I left the wrong link to you before. Silly me! All this excitement has addled my wits. Here is my link.

  17. Oh no, to pick just one favorite? i loved apple blossom because its so innocent and girly, but Tara was so dainty. your party was lovely.

  18. What a lovely and colorful tea party!! Thank you so much for inviting me :) ~Lauren

  19. Lovely party! The puppies especially made me smile :)
    I LOVE A Touch of Red. I was leaning towards the seashell necklace (can't remember what it's called now) but butterflies have a VERY special meaning to me. I so hope I win.

  20. What a lovely party! Thank you for having me!

  21. Oh, oh, oh! I was loving your party already but when I saw Katie and Sophie, that just took it Over The Top for me! Absolutely adorable! I Love them! Have a magical weekend! Twyla

  22. I had a lovely time at your tea party. The other guests were so nice and friendly. Your sweet treats were woundrus. Thank you for the invite. I will be back soon. Please visit me at:

  23. Fabulous cake and beautiful beads!

    Have a mad party!
    Erin :)

  24. What a marvelously mad tea party! The cake is soooo yummy looking. Thanks for sharing, Michelle

  25. OOPS Hi, I accidentally left a wrong blog address. Here is the correct one
    Thank you,

  26. Katie and Sophie what a fun time I had visiting your party. This was a visual treat indeed. Sparkle galore. Thanks for putting this blog post together for us all. It was fabby! *smiles* Norma

  27. How lovely! Your table setting was perfect! I loved the Patchwork quilt necklace, It is gorgeous! I enjoyed the time at your Mad Tea Party with your company and Katie and Sophie! Thanks for having me over!

  28. So sorry I am late
    For this important date.
    I'm still making my way down the list.

    With too little time
    I'm leaving this rhyme
    For I'm adamant about wanting to persist.

    All this running about
    Has left me dry in the mouth.
    Might I have a cup of tea?

    All your jewels are lovely
    The Tara necklace is my favorite
    And Katie & Sophie are aborable

    Oh my, the time
    It goes so fast
    I must be on my way

    But fear not friend
    I shall return
    Please……Have a beautiful day.

  29. WHat fun, beads & baubles! I like 'adventure' but they are all pretty~ Please stop by my garden party for some tea :)

  30. Treasures galore! Your two furry visitors were party ready--ha! ha! Love it! Thank you for inviting me. Your party was a wonder to behold. :D

  31. What a lovely party! And your fur-kids are just adorable. :)

    ♥ Carolee

  32. Wow what a whimsical display of magic. I love those heart cookies on a stick! Well..I just love everything about this post. All the crystal and teacups with jewelry flowing was very nice! GREAT job. Thank you for visiting me!

  33. What a fun party! Love all the whimsical decorations - very Wonderland indeed!

    Hope you'll pop on over for a visit with me!

    Thank you again for a lovely time...enjoy all the festivities!

  34. What an incredibly beautiful table you've set, my eyes were all a'twinkle! Thank you for visiting my mad tea and inviting me to yours, I've had an enchanting time!

    P.S. Apple Blossom and Nature Walk are my two favorites of your beautiful baubles! Both are so pretty in completely different ways!

  35. Loving the rainbow moonstone grape earrings!

  36. What a beautiful setting you arranged! So very perfect for tea! and OH MY what a gorgeous cake!!
    Thanks for having me and thanks for stopping by my party earlier, I enjoyed your visit!


  37. Thanks for the invite to a truly scrumptious party!

  38. such a colorful display! love it!

  39. All the pretty crystal, colorful beads and teacups are beautiful! I adore those heart shaped cookies with the roses in the middle. I must have one of those cookies with my tea. Thank you for having me over :)

  40. OHHHHH, Katie and Sophie!!!! Love them!

    Your jeweled table is beyond words! Amazing! They are all lovely!

    Thank you for sharing your magical wonderland!!

    Love, A Fanciful Twist

  41. How cute your puppy girls could join the party!
    I had a lovely time, as well.
    Your jewelry is hard to choose...though I do especially like Mother's Day Rose :)

    Thank you for having me!

  42. I have enjoyed your party!
    Happy UnBirthday to you !

  43. *Gasp* What a decadent layout! I LOVE it!! Who needs cake when there are jewels to he had!!! Every piece is beautiful but Apple Blossom is calling my name if I were to be so lucky as to win. Thank you for visiting my silly Mad Catter cat nip and tuna tea party. The kitties were so happy you could attend, however they are relieved your puppies stayed behind... Your comments were very much appreciated. Here's to another mad capped party,
    Tricia aka Aunt Thelma of the many kitties

  44. Lovely party. I love your crystal and the doggies are so cute!

  45. So sorry I am terribly late but wanted to stop by and see your party. Thanks so much for stopping by my Southern Tea. My, oh my that cake looks to die for!! And all those precious jewels. However could a girl decide which one was her favorite!!


  46. Thank you for your lovely tea party. Love all the sparklies and your cute pupkins! I went to your site and I really like your "opera" necklace. Take care :)